Supply Chain Logistics For Fashion And Retail

07. 15. 2019

The fast-paced world of fashion and retail places a number of demands on each stage of the supply chain. Many companies devolve these different stages to various specialists, but this can relinquish control, delay your response and decrease your lead times and logistics costs.

At Delamode UK we are a trusted supply chain logistics company for the fashion and retail world who can offer you a wide range of benefits.

Our specialist garment processing services are just one part of our retail and fashion logistics support which covers every stage of the supply chain.

To help you understand the difference that our supply chain logistics company can make to your organisation, here are five reasons to choose our team at Delamode UK:

  1. European Transport Solutions: We offer flexible and tailored delivery services for hanging and boxed deliveries. Let us take the hassle out of managing multiple suppliers and see the time savings and service efficiencies that are possible.
  2. UK & ROI Distribution Network: With an extensive distribution network in place and depots strategically located throughout the UK we service every area of the UK and Ireland. Our customer centric services seamlessly link European production facilities to DC’s and UK high streets, ensuring your goods arrive at the right place, at the right time.
  3. International services: We work hard to ensure that any shipment you need for raw materials around the world or any partnership you have with vendors can be maintained across the world.
  4. Garment processing: Specific to the retail or fashion world, our garment processing covers everything from unpacking, unboxing, kimballing, hand pressing, steam tunnelling and the addition of packing stickers and size cubes for hangers.
  5. Supply chain management expertise: Our previous work has helped large retail companies to accelerate and organise their Supply chain from start to finish.

To see how our work has helped companies in the past or what our supply chain logistics company can help you, get in contact with us today.

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