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06. 03. 2019

Managing and sorting multiple orders at once does not have to cause delays and impact on your customers. As one of the most important elements of your e-commerce site, it is vital that stock levels, availability and delivery tracking is constantly updated. It only takes one change to ruin a whole order.

At Delamode UK we have formulated a solution through our e-commerce system integration which will provide you with a range of benefits compared to your current setup.

We have become a specialist provider of e-commerce logistics support from our UK base. Our e-commerce system integration – utilising sophisticated WMS software – is a simple and real-time business tool suited to the world of e-commerce.

Why choose our e-commerce system integration?

Staying in the loop for your orders, stock levels, KPIs and inventories is important for your growth as a business, but even more so for your customers.

This system, linked and integrated with multiple channels, can offer any e-commerce site with a range of benefits, such as:

  • Check order status and returns details
  • Implement bespoke pick, pack and returns policies and rules
  • Real time inventory for stock levels
  • Gain access to courier tracking and reference numbers
  • Offer updates for you to action on your e-commerce site

Our team at Delamode UK are passionate about our help for growing and established e-commerce sites through the use of our system integration.

Get in contact to discover the extent of our work.

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