Employee Spotlight – Liviu Taune

12. 05. 2022

What is your job title?

At the time of writing, Head of Italy & Central Europe Groupage Department, but recently promoted to Groupage Department Manager

How long have you been at Delamode?

5 years

How would you describe your job in 3 words?

Enthusing, Rewarding and Collaborative

What is your day-to-day in your role?

I am particularly responsible for streamlining the logistics of the transport teams and keeping track of the efficient completion of a customer’s order. To this point, I directly liaise and negotiate with suppliers and providers and ensure quality standards are reinforced at all times.

What is your favourite part of your role?

As someone who is responsible for multiple teams, I can argue that what entices me is the continuous interaction I have with all members of the team. These genuine conversations are the ones that allow me to feel the pulse of the team and engage with all stakeholders accordingly. This job requires quick thinking and I reckon that knowing exactly what everyone is experiencing constitutes the foundation that prompts me to always take the most efficient decision when I have to work against the clock.

What led you to your current role?

I would be lying if I said that I had an overarching goal early on in my career to be where I am today., as I am of the belief that you hone your skills on the job. However, I have always enjoyed thought-provoking situations and the thrill of an accomplished project. I have always been keen on exploring the mechanisms of successful organisations and I realised that leaders of high performing organisations put strategic alignment and a common vision at the centre of their focus. In other words, I have always worked on developing systems and structures that could fulfil the companies goals, but that could also propel the company to new heights. I am a staunch believer in transparency as a management tool and I believe that if one takes the time to bring the teams together in open dialogue around resource allocation of time, money, materials, you build a culture that is thriving on collaboration an interdependence which translates in satisfied customers.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I find my inspiration in the knowledge that my work is driven by a specific purpose that is usually in alignment with the company’s goals. In other words, I am both driven and inspired by the implementation of successful strategies, by infusing projects with original and daring perspectives. I don’t believe in settling and being content with the status quo, so I would argue that my inspiration is a form of operational agility that sees itself manifested in the successful projects I undertake. I approach challenges with an open heart and I project my inquisitiveness onto all aspects of my work.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending quality time with my family always helps me recharge my batteries and get a new outlook on things. I am also a foodie and I like to take my mind off things by trying out exotic recipes. I also organise cook-outs and I can genuinely say that all my friends have a blast and that this is the best form of investing in social capital one can envision. Finally, I enjoy travelling and I reckon that after the pandemic, even more so, in the sense that I am more mindful and present when I visit a particular place.

Where is your end goal for your career?

I like to believe that life is all about the journey and all about progress and evolution. No matter what my ambitions are, no matter how high I might aspire to, I reckon that I want to be present and keep working for as long as it makes me happy, not to tick another box on a list. We only need so much and in terms of professional achievement, I realised that the daily victories are the ones that bring the most satisfaction. When it comes to personal goals, my only endeavour is to continue to surround myself with successful teams, to lead them to swiftly achieving their goals and to come to work knowing that I have the opportunity to break a new record. In other words, my end goal is to remain as motivated as ever to work commensurately to achieve more challenging projects.

Picture - Liviu

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