Employee Spotlight – Alexandru Agiu

07. 29. 2022

What is your job title?

My job title is Controlling and Invoicing Officer

How long have you worked for Delamode?

I have worked at Delamode since March 2022, approximately 5 months

How would you describe your job in three words?

I can describe my job in so many words, but the first three words that come in my mind are: “challenging, supportive and teamwork”

What is your day-to-day in your role?

My day-to-day in my role starts everyday with a good coffee. After I enjoy my coffee, I check my agenda to review the tasks and meetings in that day. I like to be very organised and this is very important in my role. Then I start checking my e-mails and look for urgent problems to resolve. After I check that everything is alright, I can control the invoices for mistakes and try resolving them by contacting the transporter or the client to check with them. And between all of this, I am introducing the data in our digital system to make a few transport orders and to ensure that all of that are correct.

What is your favourite part of your role?

My favourite part of my role is when I resolve a bad situation and I feel good about me knowing that I ended the situation after a lot of methods and I was helped by my entire team.

What led you to your current role?

One of my friends, who works at Delamode Romania asked me one time if i want to start a career in Transport and Logistics, so I said “why not”, beside that I was actually and I am still a student at “University Politehnica Bucuresti” at Faculty of Transport, to become an engineer in Transport, Traffic and Logistics.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

If I can tell, my inspiration from Delamode Romania, is for sure Dragos Calin, our general manager. I admire him for his results, for his personality and for his team involvement.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Like my colleagues knew already, I like catch and release fishing so much, 90% of my free days, I go out fishing. I consider that fishing is a relaxing and also challenging sport and hobby.

What is your end goal for your career?

Since I was a kid, I’ve had an idea in my head that my end goal for my career will be when i reach the maximum level of career hierarchy with my potential.

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